2017 – Jacksonville, FL to Port Stanley, ON

Jacksonville, FL to Port Stanley, ON – Trip Statistics & Trivia

Ahoy there!

Here are some statistics regarding our entire trip from Jacksonville to Port Stanley.

You can also click on this link to take you to the blog entries that I made on each day of the trip.

Criteria Statistic
Total Distance Traveled 1,695 Nautical Miles (1,951 Miles / 3,060 Kilometers)
Total Days For Trip 56
Number of Days Underway 36
Number of Hours Underway 300
Total Diesel Fuel Consumed 375 USG (312 Imperial Gallons / 1,420 Litres)
Diesel Consumption Rate 1.25 USG/Hr (1.04 Imperial G/Hr) Wow – Really Happy About That!
Average Speed 6.5 knots  / Hr (7.5 MPH / 12 KMH)
Average Distance Travelled Each Day 47 Nautical Miles (54 Miles / 85 Kilometers)
CREW From – To
Chris Cavanaugh Jacksonville to Myrtle Beach – July 1 to July 16 – 390 Nautical Miles
Ed Creaser Myrtle Beach to New York City – July 16 to August 6 – 735 Nautical Miles
Catherine Heighway New York City to Port Stanley – August 6 to August 25 – 570 Nautical Miles

Wow, what an amazing trip! For additional details see the trip log at the bottom of this page.

Chris – The Bad Bird

Ed – Steady Eddie

Catherine – The Admiral

Thank you so much Chris and Ed for helping me out and sharing this adventure with me. And, of course, thank you Catherine for being a very big part of it too. Our first of many adventures together in our “new” little trawler!

Over the next few weeks I will be doing odds and ends with the boat to get her ready for haul out and winterizing. I have a fairly long list of projects for this winter – some big and many small. Hopefully I can get them all done before launch time next spring!

Watch for posts in the coming weeks and months regarding haul out and repairs and improvements.