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In 2010 I started a blog site to help me share with family and friends my sailing adventures from Goderich, Ontario to Saint Andrews, New Brunswick aboard our 36′ Nauticat “Ananda”. Over the years the blog has evolved into a website and blog that is still focused on my boating interests but now also includes stories about our other travels and adventures.

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About Enhydra’s (London, ON*) Based Crew

Wally MacKinnon
I love boating and have been fortunate enough to have many years of adventures on the water – a dream come true for me. I have been sailing for almost 30 years—first on other people’s boats and then on for the past 20 years on our own.
 My wife Catherine is awesome in her support of my passion & in helping my realize my dreams as an individual and as a family member. Every sailor should be so lucky!


*Enhydra also has a much larger crew based in St. Andrews, NB – but I’ll let them tell their own story 🙂

Cheers everyone!