I’m a wanna-be adventurer and owning Santosha and Ananda have been dreams come true for me. I have been boating for almost 30 years—first on other people’s boats and then on for the past 20+ years on our own. The adventures will continue – on the water with Enhydra and on shore with whatever catches our fancy!. 
My wife Catherine is awesome in her support of my passion & in helping me realize my dreams as an individual and as a family member. Every sailor should be so lucky!


Catherine and I live in London, Ontario and have done most of our boating on Lake Huron, out of Maitland Valley Marina in the Town of Goderich. We are also members of the Goderich Yacht Club. If you are in the vicinity be sure to drop by. It’s a very nice marina and there are lots of friendly boaters. You will find hyperlinks to the Marina and the Yacht Club on my Favourites page.

If you own a Marine Trader, a Nauticat, a Westerly Centaur or any other type of boat, have a question about something that I have posted, or you simply like boating and this website I would love to hear from you. Best way to reach me is by email at: [email protected]

Sorry for not having a hyperlink on my email address – I’m trying to cut back on the spam.

Please copy and paste or retype my address into your email message. I will get back to you as soon as I can.