Thursday September 28

Hotel Sophie Germain, Paris: 48°49’51.5″N 2°19’50.4″E

Another good night’s rest and then breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we went to visit the Museum of the Liberation of Paris which was two blocks from our hotel.

This museum was dedicated to the French soldiers and members of the resistance who fought during WW II. The museum was very well done, and also had focused stories about two Frenchmen – one who was an officer in the army and the other who was a member of the French Resistance. Their courage and bravery is humbling.

The museum is located on the Place Denfert-Rochereau one of the largest and most important squares on the left bank of the Seine River. At the center of the square is a statue of the Lion of Belfort and the square is also the location of the entrance to the Paris Catacombs.

After touring the museum we took the subway to meet Emily again at Notre Dame. We climbed the six flights of stairs to have a tour of her tiny room.

And her even tinier hallway. Emily told us that she even had to turn her suitcase sideways to get it down the hall to her room!

We went to see the Crypts underneath Notre Dame square in front of the cathedral where there was a exhibition of Roman ruins. They also have more exhibits about the reconstruction of the cathedral as well as the story of Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo.

The scale model in the exhibit showed the cathedral during medieval times surrounded by many buildings which do not exist today.

We bought some sandwiches and drinks and had a picnic lunch on the right bank of the Seine. Our lunch was accompanied by a really good jazz band who were busking on the bridge above us. After lunch we went back to our hotel feeling very smug about our ability to take the Metro on one line for about 12 stops without getting lost. Just like the locals – except for the speaking French part!


Early in the evening we got back on the subway and went out at night! Yes, it’s true! All the way back to Notre Dame where we met up with Emily again. We had a really nice dinner at a restaurant that is special to her and right beside the hotel she is staying.

Emily knows the maitre d’ so we got a really nice table.

Sadly, it was now time for us to say adieu – goodbye to Emily because we were leaving for home the next morning.

It was fun to see Emily and have her share her passion and excitement for Paris and Notre Dame Cathedral with us. Her ambition is to work in Paris for the National Monuments Authority. We’d be sad to see her move so far away from London but as long as she gets an apartment big enough for us to stay and visit with her, we’ll be okay with that. Mais oui! Oh, and that there is a bakery close by so she can get us fresh croissants and café au lait in the mornings.

By the time we got back to our hotel the full moon was rising over Paris. Very nice but we were too tired to wander the streets and enjoy the sights. One more sleep and then we head home!