2011 A Slight Diversion

In 2011 I was planning to continue my cruise from the Maritimes and head towards Florida and ultimately the Caribbean. However, life’s plans change and in January, 2011 I was offered the opportunity to work for 3 months (February – April) for my company on a project in Kuwait.

I thought this would be a great winter adventure and the added $$$ to our family funds and our cruising kitty would not hurt either – so off I went.

To make a long story short, 3 months turned into 6 months & that was the end of my cruising plans for 2011. So what the heck, 6 months turned into 9 months – with a couple of trips added afterwards for good measure! All in all I ended up spending about 11 months in Kuwait in 2011.

Wally & Gary – Kuwait February 2011

I was very sad to give up my cruising plans for the year but my time in Kuwait turned out to be a wonderful alternative (aside from having to be away from my family for so long). I got the chance to work again for the best boss I have had in my entire career, made a lot of great friends, and, learned about and experienced a very different culture from what I was used to.

You can read more about my (non-sailing) adventures in Kuwait in my blog archives – from February to December 2011.

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