2012 Bay of Fundy

I spent the summer of 2012 in the Bay of Fundy. During the previous winter I had been trying to decide if I should head further south towards my ultimate destination (the Caribbean) or if I should spend the summer in the Maritimes.

Sunset on the mooring St. Andrews Harbour

I concluded that the likelihood of me returning to this area on Ananda was very small – plus Ananda had spent over a year on the hard and I was concerned that I might encounter some issues after the boat had been laid up for so long – so I decided that I would spend the 2012 season in the Bay of Fundy. That turned out to be a very good decision for multiple reasons.

I started making plans for the summer:

  • a good rest after a busy winter at home and several trips back and forth to Kuwait
  • a “re-commissioning” of Ananda after many months in storage
  • sailing adventures on the Bay of Fundy
  • lots of visitors – day trippers and longer term guests


It was indeed a very busy, yet relaxing summer. Posted below are a series of slideshows related to my summer activities:

Jane & Blaine & family – I was able to spend lots of time with Jane & Blaine and nieces, nephews and their children. It was great to be able to have these visits aboard Ananda and on shore – in the town where I grew up!

– (slideshow under construction)

Brent & Rachel Temmer – Brent & Rachel came from Denver to spend a week with me. We had a wonderful time together. Unfortunately strong winds, fog and mechanical troubles prevented us from going very far on the water but it was their first time in Atlantic Canada and we had lots of fun and adventures!

– (slideshow under construction)

Angela, John, Wyatt & Levi – My daughter Angela, husband John and grandsons Wyatt and Levi joined me for a week. It was great to have them with me on Ananda. It was their first time in Atlantic Canada so there was lots to see and do!

– (slideshow under construction)

Steve, Zoe and Emily – Just as Angela and family were headed home, my son Steve, his daughter Zoe and my daughter Emily joined me for a week of fun and adventures. It was also Steve and Zoe’s first time in Atlantic Canada.

– (slideshow under construction)

Chris & Joan Cavanaugh – Chris and Joan joined me for a few weeks to help me wrap up the summer season and welcome September. We had a great time with lots of stories told supported by great food and drinks. Who could ask for more?

– (slideshow under construction)