The End Of Another Chapter

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Well, another chapter in our lives is coming to an end… we have sold Santosha.

Putting Santosha up for sale was not an easy decision. We really love this boat and had a lot of great adventures with her. But since this past spring a number of things in our lives have changed and we came to realize that we simply cannot do it all. Most significantly, we moved out of the apartment that we had been living in for the past seven years and bought a new-to-us house. As long as Covid-19 is around we have decided that we would like to spend more time closer to home.

Does this mean that our days on the water are over? Absolutely not! . There are lots of boats available to charter. Long before the Covid-19 outbreak happened we were planning to charter a boat in France for a week or two to cruise some of the canals there. Those plans have been delayed for a year but hopefully by the fall of 2021 we can make that happen.

Much closer to home, I have managed to find a way to stay connected to the water. Our new home has a small fish pond in the backyard. I was surprised by how much I enjoy looking after it and figure that I can really get into this hobby.

And when I say get into it – I really mean get into it 🙂

Stay tuned to find out where this goes…

Back to Santosha… Once everyone realized that Covid-19 was going to be around for a while, many people decided that stay-cations were a lot more appealing. Cottage rentals, boat and trailer sales had really taken off so we thought that this would be a good time to put Santosha on the market and see what interest there might be in her.

Jay, my fiberglass contractor finished re-doing Santosha’s bottom on a Sunday afternoon. He called me and emailed several photos of the completed work. On Monday morning I posted a “For Sale” ad on the internet and several people went to see her that same day. By Tuesday noon I had reached a deal in principle with prospective buyers from the Ottawa area. Santosha is looking really good since her refit but I never expected that interest in her would be so high.

The new owners are really nice people and very excited to take Santosha on lots of adventures of their own. I will help them launch the boat in the spring and spend some time showing them “the ropes”.

What’s next for Catherine and I? As the Jimmy Buffet song goes – only time will tell!

Cheers and stay safe and healthy!

10 thoughts on “The End Of Another Chapter

    1. Wally Post author

      Thanks Heather. Yes, on to whatever comes next. Hopefully that includes a trip to St. Andrews sometime soon 🙂

      1. Benish

        Benish… hope you still remember me.worked together with mishref project Kuwait..nice to see you here..

        1. Wally Post author

          Hello Benish. Yes, I certainly do remember you. I hope that you and your family are happy, safe and healthy. All the best. Wally

  1. Barb Ford

    Congratulations Wally & Cath on the sale! We know it was a very difficult thing to do. But as you say, you are free now to ‘set sail’ on many new adventures all over the world!!
    We are very thankful we were able to enjoy a memorable 5 day cruise on her with you a few summers ago. It was a highlight. Thank you again. B&B

    1. Wally Post author

      Hi B & B. Lots of good memories made aboard Santosha and hopefully lots more to come on a future vessel that will be at least our own for a week or two. Keep your travel bags handy – we’re always looking for crew 🙂

  2. Midge Heighway

    Congratulations Wally. All things seem to happen for a reason…I am happy that your boat is going to a good new home.
    Perhaps your computer tutoring will take up some time….I have a client in mind

    1. Wally Post author

      Hi Midge. Yes, there is a reason for all things. Your IT “light” tech is available anytime you or Bob need me. Cheers!

  3. Claude & Denise

    Hi Wally,

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to carry on and continue with your tradition of wonderful care and attention that you have so obviously given to Santosha over the past few years. We are very much looking forward to your visit next spring to help us get familiar with her, and to enjoy her as much as you both have. Believe us when we say that we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to start making our own memories aboard her.

    Best of luck with all your future plans for boating in Europe and/or anywhere your passion for boating may take you in the years to come.

    Stay safe and healthy…

    Denise & Claude

    P.S. Love your pond!

    1. Wally Post author

      Hello Denise & Claude. Thank you for your comments. I look forward to seeing you both in the spring. Hopefully the winter will pass by quickly. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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