Our First Pub Stop In the UK

Yesterday afternoon we flew from Toronto to Atlanta & then overnight from Atlanta to Manchester. We landed at 8:00am local time.

Not much sleep on the trip across the ocean – we were too excited! Next were a series of trains from Manchester Airport to the Village of Runcorn (near Liverpool). That was an adventure all on its own but people were really friendly & helpful with directions & we finally made it to our B&B.

The proprietor suggested we walk about a mile up the road to a local pub called “The Prospect” that is known for its hospitality, atmosphere & good food. We got here about 3:30, ordered a draft & then decided what to eat for an early supper. The barmaid said “sorry love, but the kitchen doesn’t open ’till 5”.

So here we are outside the pub enjoying a beautiful late summer day & watching the minutes tick by ’till the kitchen opens. It won’t be long now.

Cheers everyone!

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