First Star & Navasana

First Star: 2002 – 2005










Over the past 15+ years we have been fortunate enough to own several boats.

Our very first boat was a 21′ Sirius sloop built in 1971. She was named “First Star” by the original owner because she was Hull # 1 of the 21′ Sirius series. The name was so appropriate that we had no motivation to change it.

We bought First Star in 2002 while we were taking sailing lessons on Fanshawe Lake in London and sailed her with the Fanshawe Yacht Club for 3 years. We had a lot of fun on a very small lake with this boat. Fanshawe Lake is long and narrow so it was a great place to learn how to tack!

Navasana: 2005 – 2007








Our next boat was a 25′ Catalina (water ballast) sloop built in 2004.  We bought this boat new at the Toronto Boat Show in 2005 and traded the Sirius in on it. My passion is sailing and Catherine’s is yoga so we came to an arrangement where I get to choose the boat and Catherine gets to name it. As a result, we christened the Catalina to be “Navasana”, which translates to mean “the boat pose” to people who practice yoga.  Now that we had a bigger boat we decided that we needed to be on a bigger lake so we took a slip at Port Glasgow Marina on Lake Erie for the 2005 sailing season. We had a lot of fun on Navasana boat but quickly realized that we wanted more space for extended stays on board so late in 2005 we started shopping for a bigger boat! No argument there from me 🙂