Galley Renovations

We were spoiled by a well designed galley on Ananda. There is lots of seating space in the main cabin/inside helm area on Santosha but the galley on this boat is small. As you can see in the photo below, the counter space is very limited. Also, the propane stove was original and it’s installation did not meet current safety standards:

  • none of the burners for the stove or oven had thermocouples
  • the storage/housing for the propane cylinder did not meet current standards
  • there was no auto shut off system for the propane supply
  • there was no propane gas leak detection system

To make a long story short, it would have cost a fair bit of money to correct these deficiencies.

Original Galley Propane Stove & Oven

When we renovated Ananda’s galley we got rid of the propane stove/oven & replaced it with an Origo 3000 non-pressurized alcohol stove. We liked that setup so much that I have done the same on Santosha. The alcohol stove is very safe and easy to use and fuel is readily available almost anywhere. I have also installed a simple plywood door to close in / hide the storage area under the stove.

Renovated Galley/Stove Area

This setup gives us lots more storage space under the stove (where the oven used to be). Some people have asked me how I intend to use a galley without an oven. My attitude is that the alcohol stove and the propane BBQ have covered all the major bases for us. If it can’t be boiled, pan fried or BBQ’d then we won’t be eating it on board. After all, this is a holiday boat & there’s plenty of time for baking at home during the winter. If we want something baked while on board Santosha there are lots of eating establishments ashore that will have any baked goods that we may develop a craving for 🙂

Another challenge we have with this galley is that there is very little storage space for all the things you want to have on board such as plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, pots ‘n pans, non perishable food, etc.

Original Galley Dining & Seating Area

The seating bench in the right side of the photo above actually serves little purpose. Anyone sitting on it cannot reach the table at meal time and the cupboard above the counter pretty much blocks the view forward. As a temporary renovation, I removed the seat cushions and installed a laminated pine board to extend the galley countertop. I painted it with white enamel paint to match the colour of the countertop. Then I added some simple shelves and storage drawers underneath to give us a lot more working and storage space.  Catherine is also making a curtain to install in front of the storage area. Even with the seating bench “gone” this setup still allows us to accommodate 3-4 people on the settee for the dining table and, if necessary, we can add seating for 2 more by using a portable bench or folding deck chairs.

New Countertop & Pantry Storage Underneath

We will use this setup for the summer and that will give us an opportunity to figure out the best permanent configuration for the galley. Once we have determined that, then I will have the galley “properly” renovated with the help of a professional cabinet maker.

Renovated Galley