2016 Lake Michigan and Green Bay

During the winter of 2016 we put Ananda up for sale. This was not an easy decision to make abut Catherine and I both agreed that the time had come for us to shift our focus to travelling abroad and other pursuits. We knew that boating would still be a part of our lives but were not sure what form that would take.

There are few sights sadder to me than to see a boat sitting on the hard with a “For Sale” sign on it – especially during boating season. It’s hard to get buyers interested in a boat when it’s sitting on a parking lot covered with road dust. With that thought in mind I was determined to make good use of Ananda while she was still ours, and if she was going to be sold then I wanted to have one last adventure with her.

My good friend and work colleague Bo Heller lives in the Chicago area and also has a summer home on Green Bay, near Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. Going to visit Bo sounded like a great idea to me and my buddy Chris immediately agreed – so off we went.

The map below shows all of our stops along the way. You can also read the full story of our adventure by following this link to my daily blog pages:

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